• Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay Public Choice Award (Switzerland, 2023)
  • Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay 2nd place (Switzerland, 2023)
  • Hop Step Sing! Cosplay Contest Kodansha Prize (Online, 2023)
  • World Cosplay Summit EX Best Crafted Costume Award (Saudi Arabia, 2022)
  • World Cosplay Summit EX 2nd Place Winner (Saudi Arabia, 2022)
  • World Cosplay Summit Video Division Sound Directing Award (Online, 2021)
  • Festigame Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2021)
  • Festigame Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2020)
  • Arte Cosplay Cosplay Competition 3rd Place Winner (Argentina, 2018)
  • International Cosplay Day Pokémon Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2018)
  • Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon Launch Event Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2018)
  • PKMN Day Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2016)
  • SP. Cosplay Festival Champion (Chile, 2014)

Judging experience

  • Comic Con Costa Rica 2023 Cosplay Judge (Costa Rica, 2023)
  • ExpoTNT World Cosplay Summit México Cosplay Judge (Mexico, 2023)
  • Comic Con Costa Rica 2022 Cosplay Judge (Costa Rica, 2022)
  • Expogame 2022 Cosplay Judge (Chile, 2022)
  • World Cosplay Summit Alumni Award Judge (Japan, 2019)
  • World Cosplay Summit Chile Cosplay Judge (Chile, 2019)

Cosplay is a powerful way to challenge boundaries between fiction and reality…

…by bringing to life with our skills and creativity our own vision of works…

…that inspire and bring joy to people from all around the world.