Hi! I am Eriza! <3
I do cosplay and enjoy making costumes

Smol Eriza in 2010 Cosplaying as KAITO

My cosplay journey started in 2010. At that time and for several months I had a sickness called “mycoplasma pneumoniae”, which kept me at home without any possibility of going out with friends.

When I started to recover, I had the chance to go to a convention where I saw some people doing cosplay. I wanted to give it a try too and with some friends we planned to attend to a convention with VOCALOID cosplays. I was KAITO, with a costume made by a seamstress and with details attached by hand by me.

Sadly, nobody else on the team finished their costumes on time 🙁 BUT! We enjoyed the event anyways, and I feel that this experience helped me a lot in my recovery process and was a great way to share with friends again!

This project inspired me to try to make my own costumes! My grandma gave me her sewing machine and I started to learn how to use it to make more projects during the following years. I also started to learn more skills, such as prop making, makeup, wig styilling, electronics, and many others. I am happy to learn new skills even until today!

More than a decade after my first costume, in 2021 I and my friend Daiki participated in the World Cosplay Summit Video Division. I cosplayed as Hatsune Miku V2 and my friend cosplayed as KAITO. (so nostalgic!)

To make these costumes, I applied many reflective effects and electronics and I learned a lot during the process! We did a cover music video of “MELT” by Ryo for the competition. With this project we won the Sound Directing award! Yay!

In 2022, I participated in the World Cosplay Summit Exhibition Event as Miu Iruma along my partner Javier as Kokichi Oma, from Danganronpa V3.

We put a lot of effort on Miu’s wig and the backpack, which includes a touchscreen, functional buttons, USB charger, servo controlled robotic hands and even a hand sanitizer that reacts to proximity! We won two awards with this project!

In 2023, I participated in Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay with my Hatsune Miku Celebration costume, where I won 2 awards!

I applied several dyeing techniques in plastics to get the colors that I needed. What makes this costume so difficult is that it has a lot of transparencies, which means that if you make a mistake in the boots or in the sleeves, you have to make that part again from zero!

Also, the whole costume has 8 LED circuits: 2 circuits in the giant bow on the back that connect more that 1000 LEDs that react to the sound, 2 circuits for the animated rainbows in the headphones, 1 circuit that connects the neon LED necktie, 1 circuit for the animated lights in the skirt and 2 circuits for the animated lights in the LED panels of the sleeves.

I am grateful that cosplay has helped me to recover from the darkest times of my life. It has given me the opportunity to meet the best friends I could wish and to inspire me to improve everyday with a smile.

I am excited about which other “cosplay adventures” will happen in the future!

Thank you for reading <3

Cosplayer since2010
OccupationFashion Designer
First CosplayKAITO (Virtual Singer)
Favorite VideogamesSplatoon, Rhythm Heaven
Favorite AnimeGurren Lagann, One Piece
Favorite Vocaloid ProducersPinocchioP, Mitchie M, Ryo (supercell), LamazeP, HACHI
Energy SourceBubble Tea with Tapioca
Social MediaInstagram
What I love about cosplayLearning and making friends

Cosplay Awards

  • Super Japan Expo Cosplay Battle Royale Grand Champion (Chile, 2024)
  • Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay Public Choice Award (Switzerland, 2023)
  • Polymanga Global Easter Cosplay 2nd place (Switzerland, 2023)
  • Hop Step Sing! Cosplay Contest Kodansha Prize (Online, 2023)
  • World Cosplay Summit EX Best Crafted Costume Award (Saudi Arabia, 2022)
  • World Cosplay Summit EX 2nd Place Winner (Saudi Arabia, 2022)
  • World Cosplay Summit Video Division Sound Directing Award (Online, 2021)
  • Festigame Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2021)
  • Festigame Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2020)
  • Arte Cosplay Cosplay Competition 3rd Place Winner (Argentina, 2018)
  • International Cosplay Day Pokémon Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2018)
  • Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon Launch Event Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2018)
  • PKMN Day Cosplay Champion (Chile, 2016)
  • SP. Cosplay Festival Champion (Chile, 2014)

Guest and Cosplay Judge Appearances