Miu is the ultimate inventor, and for this project I decided to make my ultimate cosplay with many skills involved, such as fabric dyeing, embroidery, harnesses making, wig making, prop making, electronics and robotics. This costume’s backpack is the main attraction, which includes a LED touchscreen, 2 remote controlled robotic hands, 2 smoke devices, a USB port for charging any device, many buttons and even a useful hand sanitizer that reacts to proximity! With this costume I won the 2nd place and the Best Crafted Costume Award in the World Cosplay Summit Exhibition Event 2022 in Saudi Arabia!

Ph: Planet Ruupu
@erizadesu hehe I’m back :3c thank you for waiting!! 💕 amazing miu pixelart gifs edited and made by @Purple Myrmidon 💖🤧 #miuiruma #danganronpa #cosplay #cosplayprogress #danganronpav3 #dr ♬ sonido original – ☆*°•.Eriza.•°*☆
@erizadesu will post pictures in my ig and fb page 😀 💖 exhausting afternoon 🔥 wig, backpack, heels and sky runners are not a comfortable combo ×_× now let's wait~ thank you Javier and Daiki for your help t-t love you so much 💕 cosplay made by me! 💖 #danganronpa #drv3 #miuiruma #cosplay #miuirumacosplay #danganronpacosplay ♬ Danganronpa – Ultimate Mix – MiatriSs
@erizadesu #danganronpa #cosplay by me (*´▽`*)💕new cosplay I've been working on 💖 I will post more miku soon, thank you for your support! 💕 #cosplayprogres ♬ sonido original – ☆*°•.Eriza.•°*☆
@erizadesu part 2 of my #danganronpa #cosplay 💕 harnesses were so fun to make! and I already fixed the fit of the sailor fuku 💕 #cosplayprogress ♬ sonido original – ☆*°•.Eriza.•°*☆
@erizadesu more Miu 🐇💕 the goggles were a bit hard to make >_&lt but I like them! 💕 #danganronpa #miuiruma #cosplay #cosplayprogress ♬ sonido original – ☆*°•.Eriza.•°*☆
@erizadesu more miuuu, I love it!! and I'm so excited!! can't wait to make the backpack 💕 #danganronpa #cosplay #cosplayprogress #miuiruma ♬ sonido original – ☆*°•.Eriza.•°*☆